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Retirement Ceremony & Reception
Master Chief Curtis D. Haggard

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Retirement Script

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This shows the Navy Annex, Parking Lot 6 and major roads


This is a detailed view of the Navy Annex and Parking Lot 6

The Navy Annex is just up the hill (and across VA 27) from the Pentagon
From I-395, Exit 8/8b, follow the signs towards VA 27 West (Washington Blvd)
and/or VA 244 (Columbia Pike)--where these two meet Southgate and Joyce,
Near Arlington Cemetery
See the
Green lines, above, for recommended routes…
You May Park Here Free and "Take My Limo…" (Bus)

The bus will leave from "L6" at 12:45, June 14
(It's on Joyce Street across from the Navy Exchange CITGO gas station)

The bus will then go to the Navy Memorial (No Parking) and to the
Washington Navy Yard (Parking Provided-Enter the Main Gate
at 9th Street and ask directions) and

Return to the Navy Annex at ~ 4:40 pm

Metro Directions

Main Washington D.C. Metro Rail System Map

My Retirement Ceremony will be at
The Navy Memorial
Archives / Navy Memorial Metro Station

WMATA Archives

The Yellow Line will go to/from the Pentagon and
The Green Line will go to/from the Navy Yard

Archives / Navy Memorial

My Reception will be at
Display Ship BARRY at
The Navy Yard (Metro Station)
WMATA Navy Yard

The Green Line will go to/from the Navy Memorial

There are two exits, either one is fine. Once above ground, walk East
To the 9th Street Gate, then walk to the River (follow the signs)
NOTE: If you do NOT have a Military ID Card or DOD Badge,
You MUST let me know so that I can include you on the visitor's list.
If you want to PARK on the yard, you MUST let me know so that
I can reserve a space in the parking garage for you.

Navy Yard


Mini Sandwiches (Turkey and Chicken Salad)
Chicken Drummets
Mini Spanakopita (Spinach & Cheese Triangles)
Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls with Dipping Sauce
Mediterranean Platter (Olives, Peppers, Grape Leaves, Cheeses)
Fresh Fruit Platter
Gourmet Cookies
Sparkling Lemon Punch
Sparkling Champagne Punch

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