Serves as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Nuclear Enlisted Community Manager. Assigns Nuclear Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) codes, except those earned from formal courses, but including screening for return from Limited Duty. Screens requests for assignment to: Submarine NR-1, Nuclear Instructor, CMC, COB, EDMC, RDMC and Tender duty. Approve requests for Nuclear Field enlistment and transfer to the Fleet Reserve & Retired List.

I would like to welcome my relief--EMCM(SW) Jeff DeMerchant. He has qualified and served on CVNs, CGNs, NPTUs, and at BUPERS/NPC. Master Chief DeMerchant is exceptionally well qualified to help guide our community into the 21st Century.

On a personal note, I would like to thank you for the privilege of serving you and our great Navy. In June, I will be transferring to the Fleet Reserve--Please, "Take Care of Each Other."



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Nuclear Enlisted Program Manager (N133D)


(703) 695-4449
DSN 225-4449

Assistant Nuclear Enlisted Program Manager (N133D1)


(703) 693-0893
DSN 223-0893

Nuclear Enlisted Quality Control Advisor (N133D2)


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DCNO (M & P)  N133D2
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I serve as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Nuclear Enlisted Community Manager. I assign Nuclear Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) codes, except those earned from formal courses, but including screening for return from Limited Duty. I screen requests for assignment to Submarine NR-1, Nuclear Instructor, CMC, COB, EDMC, RDMC and Tender duty. I approve requests for Nuclear Field enlistment and transfer to the Fleet Reserve & Retired List.

Engineering/Reactor Department Master Chiefs (EDMCs/RDMCs):

1) Get involved in the NEC change and removal process. Make sure to keep my phone numbers & addresses handy—you’ll need them long after this LINK is gone.
2) Make sure that all data (SSN, dates, etc.) are correct.
3) Send the signed form to me (via ISIC, if necessary)--if possible, by e-mail (scanned). Do NOT send it to EPMAC or PERS-403.
4) When you receive a "Sea-Returnee" with a supervisor NEC, (s)he should be fully requalified Senior-In-Rate within six months. If not, you must request an operator NEC or an extension. If after two to three additional months the individual has still not requalified, consider an NEC removal.
5) Follow-up each request with a call--Keep in touch!

NEC Changes:

Download the form from my BUPERS website. Supervisory NEC change requests may be signed by the XO/RO by direction. You do NOT need to send supporting documentation. The following information is required on the 1221/1:

1) The date for the completion of 6 years of active service.
2) The date of Senior-In-Rate qualification per the NEC Manual. If at-sea, (s)he must be currently qualified.
3) For the most recent evaluation, include a statement that each trait mark was 3.0 or better.
4) Request an effective date for the NEC change.
5) And, for PO2s, include a remark stating the completion of all advancement requirements to First Class Petty Officer, including the completion of his or her Warfare Qualifications.

NEC Removals:

You DO need to forward specific information--Mast or medical documentation provides the best support. In cases involving drugs, include the name or type of drug and how it was detected. Submariners must include an ISIC endorsement, except for drug related removals.

I'm on the web. Any "Search Engine" will find my homepage—search for "n133d2." This site has important information: LINK articles, phone numbers, web sites (including instructions you'll need), and my addresses.



If you are found medically unable to work shipboard, you will be evaluated for placement into a LimDu status. If you are placed LimDu, you will be removed from the rigors of a shipboard environment and assigned an inactive nuclear NEC (3359-subs, 3389-surface). The LimDu period is for recovery and rehabilitation, away from nuclear work.

When your recovery is complete, several important steps must occur before you can return to watchstanding or maintenance (and before your active NEC can be restored). A Medical Officer must find you Fit For Full Duty (FFFD) and Physically Qualified (PQ) for the Nuclear Field (NF). For Submariners, this must be an Undersea Medical Officer (UMO) who must also find you "PQ for Submarine Duty."

Your LimDu coordinator must send a copy of the medical record to me. I need all pages from the beginning of the "event" that started the LimDu through to the present. If you are PQ NF, the screening process can begin right away. If found Not Physically Qualified (NPQ), but a waiver is recommended, the paperwork goes to the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) and the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) for further evaluation. I wait for their findings to complete the screening for the NEC restoration. Once these determinations are made, your package will be screened.

If you are the admin LPO for a CVN or Submarine Squadron or Group, you can get daily email status reports on your Sailors that are in screening. Just send an email to me requesting to be included on my "Morning Report."

Go to for NF information. Still have a question? Send me your question by email--my address is

If the paperwork can't be scanned/emailed, use the fax machine. Always verify receipt by phone and use a good fax cover sheet.

Paperwork bound for this office that goes to NPC in Millington or EPMAC in New Orleans (or vice versa) slows down the process significantly.



I review 1306/7s to ensure that people are placed where needed most. Your package, submitted to PERS-403C, is screened for assignment to Submarine NR-1, Nuclear Instructor, CMC, COB, EDMC, RDMC, Tender duty, and transfer to the Fleet Reserve & Retired List.

For the "New NUCs," you need to do well in NNPTC and NPTU. Then, get to sea and get on the watchbill. Don’t leave sea duty without getting your Warfare Pin and finishing your EWS/PPWS qualifications. Then, return to NPTU or NNPTC to train the next generation of Sailors.

You "Mid-Career Professionals" should pick up a major department collateral duty, and get on the EWS/EDPO watchbill as much as possible. When I screen your 1306/7, I consider your recent evaluations and qualifications. They will be the key elements in determining your future.

For the "Old Salts," I offer this advice: Take care of your shipmates. Take an interest in everyone. Personal involvement is the key to success. You know the rest.

Here are some tools to help you accelerate your Sailors' careers:

1. MY HOMEPAGE ( enables you to access any information you need about the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.
ADVANCEMENT CENTER ( is the Naval Education & Training Command's one stop shop for essential advancement-in-rate products and services.
RETENTION CENTER ONLINE ( is your key to career information and provides the latest retention information, presentations, software, and messages.
4. NAVY COLLEGE PROGRAM ( will chart your course to a degree, at your pace, while serving in our Navy.

You can best serve the Navy by moving up the ladder of success as far and as fast as possible. Keep your priorities straight: "Ship, Shipmate, Self" and you’ll do well.



Here is my "Top Ten List" for Engineering and Reactor Department Master Chiefs (EDMCs/RDMCs).

#10. Use e-mail for questions regarding NEC processing or how to approach special situations: e-mail
# 9. Go to my homepage, where you’ll find my recent LINK articles and references:, and click on "Community Managers," "ECMs," & "NUCs." You can also search the web for "N133D2" to find me.
# 8. Keep a year's worth of LINKs on hand for reference.
# 7. Speaking of the BUPERS homepage, you should go there every week to check out "What's New."
# 6. Make sure that when a shipmate has completed the requirements for a supervisory NEC you recommend the change. REMEMBER: For Second Class Petty Officers, state which warfare qualification has been completed (Air (AW), Surface (SW) or Submarine (SS) Warfare).
# 5. Use the correct address. Paperwork that goes to
Millington slows down the process significantly. Do NOT send Nuclear NEC change requests to EPMAC or BUPERS.
# 4. There is no substitute for taking a sincere, personal interest in your Sailors. Help your shipmates order and review their microfiche and Enlisted Summary Records, too.
# 3. Periodically, check in with your Detailer and with me. Keep the lines of communication open.
# 2. Use the fax to send paperwork (1221s, medical paperwork, etc…) to me. Always call me to verify receipt and use a good cover sheet. I may have a question or two, so have your paperwork ready when you call.

… And, the #1 thing you can do to help me help you: Stay involved, follow up on requests or issues. Call me right away with any questions. Keep my addresses/numbers handy.


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