The Private Sector
”Top Ten List”



#10: Bigger Fish to Fry


You just won’t be able to do everything that everyone asks, and you won’t be expected to…




#9: Personal vs. Professional Affairs


Keep your personal life out of the office-it just isn’t professional.





#8: “Who Said To?”


If the Program Manager (PM) or your direct supervisor said so, then do it…
(S)he is the only one who can expend/commit you (the resource). 
If not, ask the PM/Boss first.




#7: Find and Use Your Mentor


You won’t believe how different this world is. 
You’ve seen JOs do stupid things, that’s because the Wardroom world is similar to the “business model.”




#6: “Call Me Bill


99 times out of 100, it’s “First Names only” in the office.  Don’t try to carry your rank/title on your sleeve.




#5: Appearances Count


Stay away from the “Dress Down Crowd.”  Get nice office wear and take care of it.




#4: Shut Up


You’ll be SO GLAD that you decided to “Listen and Learn.”  It’s not that you’re ignorant, you’re not-that’s why you got hired.  Now, LEARN.




#3: Be Ready (Show Up)


You won’t believe how lazy your peers will be-it’s amazing.  Get the reputation for being “On Time, Every Time,” and you’ll go far.




#2: Impress (Support) Your Boss


Unlike the Navy, you’ve only got ONE person to impress.  Support your Boss-Give her/him what they need to “Have the Power,” that THEY need, and YOU are the winner.




… and, the #1 Tip: Fit In

…in all the GOOD ways.  You won’t believe some of the stupid stuff that you’ll be doing.
If it’s Important, “Do The Right Thing” first, then worry about fitting in-Otherwise, just “go along for the ride.”







    Curtis D. Haggard

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