(Family) Business 101

Listen and Learn -
Five Lessons from “The Godfather


1.        "Take the cannoli."
   Figure out what’s important, and prioritize your efforts. Always know what the next deliverable is, and balance your time-work on urgent and/or important items.

2.        "They talk when they should listen."
   You should listen far more than you speak.  When you do, make sure that you’re building your reputation as one who thinks first.

3.        "You can act like a man!"
   When it comes time to “go the extra mile,” do it.  Always make time to support your Boss when (s)he needs your talents.

4.        "Don't ever take sides with anyone against the family, again."
   Your group comes first.  Always support your Boss and her/his priorities.  Always ask if you should be working on “outside” projects before you start.

5.        "Can't do it, Sally."
   Business is Business. 

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    Curtis D. Haggard


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